Enerpal Group solar PV installations achieve 22% more efficiency.

  • Thanks to the rigorous systems of control and management of the plants
  • This has had a positive impact on the client portfolio.

Over the last year, the solar PV power plants built and managed by Enerpal Group have exceeded by 22% the performance expected by the company, because of the high level of radiation present throughout the year has been completely taken advantage of by the advanced facilities and rigorous system of control and management that the group carries out in each one of its plants.

This has resulted in a considerable increase in production in plants throughout Spain, as well as in the customer portfolio. According to Santiago Sanchez, general manager of the group, “we are satisfied not only by the performance obtained, but also by the endorsement that this supposes to the trust deposited by our customers who, in many cases, have purchased more than one plant from Enerpal.”

Enerpal’s quality commitment is based not only on the use of proven and high performance materials, but also on the exhaustive control applied in the design, construction and commissioning process of the photovoltaic installations promoted and built by the Group.

Thanks to the monitoring system installed in each power plant managed by Enerpal, the company is able to know in real time the state of the installation and verify its operation and delivery of energy, detecting in record time any anomaly or even anticipating it. At the moment in which any incident is detected, Enerpal maintenance team that works 365 days of the year, solves it either remotely or on site at the plant, so that it is back on track in a short period of time, thus maximizing their operation hours.

“This high level of efficiency has been achieved thanks to our strict quality commitment and to our production control system, which optimizes the production of the installations and guarantees the economic profitability to its owners,” concludes Santiago Sánchez.