The one that is about to end is the first full winter season in which they have enjoyed the renewable heat and satisfaction is seen on their faces when they talk about it. Carlos Martínez and Luis Moreno are the president and the vice president of the joint owners association. They represent six buildings and 72 owners who have in common a large garage and a warm heart, the central heating system that distributes heat throughout the premises. A heat that, for a few months is renewable, based on biomass. “We spent a lot on diesel. When we decided, the price of the litre was on the euro and every month we spent 15,000 litres. “In addition, we had complaints that it was very hot because it was not well controlled,” explain the neighbourhood representatives.

Over the past three decades are gone, they decided to retire their old diesel heating and install a new one. The choice of biomass was then raised. “The decision among the neighbours, the truth is that it was quite simple and we chose this biomass boiler”, they say within the protected space where the new thermal station of the building is located down in the basements. The largest biomass installed in Palencia to
date. “For what we paid only for diesel, now we have the best heat managed, maintenance, fuel supply, we do not have to worry about going down to turn the heating either on or off, we are paying the new installation in 10 years’ time and saving money every month”.

The solution was given by a company of Palencia, Enerpal Biomass, which proposed the change of fuel when it was proposed to replace the boiler. “What they are offered is a contract for energy services. They do not have to worry about anything other than telling us when they want to have the heating and how many hours. We will do the rest “, explains Victor Fernández, of Enerpal, next to Herz Biomatic 500 Boiler. In fact, this company was in charge of the design, the construction, the legalization and the commissioning of the installation, making the investment and financing it to the client for 10 years. “Regardless of fuel fluctuations, they know what they are going to pay from year 1 to year 10 and the cost of energy is more than 50% cheaper than with diesel,” says Fernandez.

The installation, adequate to the regulations even being more restrictive than this, means included anti-censorship, has a remote management system that allows Enerpal to have it controlled at all times, without the need to displace personnel in it. “In addition, the technology used, the regulation system and temperature sensors on the outside make the boiler power is modulated as a function of the cold” highlights Fernández. “That is visible,” clarifies the president. And when the 10 years of the contract are fulfilled, the ownership of the facility will pass to the neighbours’ association. A heating system without CO2 emissions, whose fuel comes from renewable sources of Castile and Leon Region and also generates wealth in the Region, as claimed by Victor Fernandez from Enerpal.

Source: El Diario Palentino