Enerpal participates in the event held at Expobiomasa 2017 on “Energy Services” and “#BIOMASS”. Technical conference in which the state, keys and opportunities of the Energy Services Companies market were analyzed in view of the challenges of Energy Efficiency. The day was completed with the presentations of the teachers who present the success stories and held a debate to find the keys when choosing #BIOMASS when they are considering a contract of Energy Service from the point of view of companies.

Participants were able to see firsthand the advantages of the services Energies that use #BIOMASS as a source of energy: economic savings from the first day, comfort, price stability both a short and a long term, not having to make an initial investment, guarantee the supply, and a long etcetera that is already demonstrated in miles of real installations that have been transferred to Biomass Energy Services in Communities of Neighbors, Industries, and Dotational Buildings such as hotels, residences, schools, hospitals , …

It was also highlighted the importance of taking into account all the players in the energy market, and especially ESEs, who must be very present in order to achieve the European Union’s energy objectives presented in the Winter Package by 2030, with a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions, 27% of renewable energy and an improvement in efficiency of 30%. In order to fulfill these objectives, it is essential to take into account the professionals of the bioenergy sector.

In addition, with our presence at Expobiomasa 2017, we want to reinforce the role of ESEs in the #BIOMASS value chain, as well as effortless efforts with other ESEs to ensure that all potential ESE customers rely more and more on technologies with #BIOMASS as an energy source to meet their energy needs.

Source: Expobiomasa and ANESE