The INDUSTRIAL EM business division has two Units:

  • ALTERTEC RENOVABLES S.L. develops the construction and maintenance of electromechanical installations.
  • ALTIUR FORMACIÓN Y PREVENCIÓN S.L. provides qualified training to own and third-party workers.

ALTERTEC RENOVABLES S.L. is a company founded in 2004 as a consequence of the needs and challenges that constantly arose within the wind sector, accepting the challenge of meeting them.

From the outset, its vocation of service was oriented to the exact needs and concerns of its customers, because its creation is done from within the sector itself, knowing perfectly the peculiarities of it.

The responsiveness to the specific circumstances of each work as well as to every single client’s requirements, the flexible adaptation to the inherent variability of the services in the face of ever changing weather conditions, as well as a high level of attendance and innovation, recognised features valued by their customers, and have been gradually making Altertec Renewables stand out in an industrial sector as demanding as the wind power one and has earned a name as well as is known as a reference company in the entire field of maintenance services.


ALTIUR FORMACIÓN Y PREVENCIÓN S.L. arises from the need to educate workers and qualify them for the performance of their functions, as well as in important aspects such as safety and health, product quality and customer service, environmental awareness and R&D&I.

Thus, the ENERPAL group workers receive complementary training, learning to use their talent in the development of their training, and making them feel more confident and integrated in the company.

Based on our successful experience with our own workers, we decided to open this service to companies and individuals through specific training plans, eminently practical, to meet their specific needs and safety requirements, integrated into preventive action.

Our main goal is to contribute to the reduction of accidents at work through prevention training in a particularly practical environment that simulates the work situation of the workers to whom it is being formed.



Altertec covers the construction, operation and maintenance activities, both for third parties and for the energy assets of its Group, with a quality recognition in all of them.

All the materials used in the services developed by Altertec are certified and approved for each targeted market.

Due to the quality of the services developed by Altertec, it is a company approved by financial institutions.

The students of the Enerpal Training School acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to develop their activity successfully for the company they work for.

Altertec assembles all the external and internal components of the wind turbines (tower, nacelle, rotor) and performs its commissioning.

Altertec provides maintenance of the different components of wind turbines (pitch systems, shafts, gearbox, generator, hydraulic systems, converters, transformers, etc.), as well as all auxiliary elements that are necessary for its correct operation and access to them.

Altertec repairs components and performs special works such as welding in special conditions or repairs / replacements of large screws, etc. It also introduces improvements in those elements that have a high failure frequency, providing innovative solutions in repair techniques and retrofits.

Altertec carries out the maintenance of the tower, nacelle and rotor elements of the wind turbines, replacing gearboxes and blades, also performing anti-rust cleaning works, blade inspections and blade repairs, etc …. employing for all of them innovative techniques developed within the company (R&D&I).

Altertec performs if necessary the replacement of the gearbox, as well as the periodic oil change required for the correct operation of the given turbine component.

Altertec has developed a model of truck equipped with a system that works with its own technology and that significantly reduces the time of oil change in the gearboxes of the wind turbines in a very important way. Of the fleet of six trucks, owned by Altertec, those which are not in use for own work, may be rented to third parties including the driver, obtaining very good economic results.

Altertec carries out the maintenance of high voltage electrical installations, such as substations and power lines of wind power plants, Utility grids, private companies, etc.

The Enerpal Group through its school trains professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge so that they can carry out their work with quality, in compliance with all safety and health procedures as well as environmental standards. This school teaches to innovate in the procedures and productive processes, through the transfer of knowledge and ideas of improvement contributed by workers of the Group.