Our Company was established in 1997, originally meant as a small local scale company which has turned into a company working at global level and in some new business areas that initially did not exist.

Even after having overcome and going through an economic crisis including regulatory issues in Spain, the company counts already on 200 direct employees, as annual average, and with agreements with several companies’ international point of reference, which allows us to develop large projects involving industrial power plants, energy power plants and eco-efficient buildings, in where to apply and provide our technology as well as energy efficiency both locally and internationally.

Our company develops its activities meeting required standards regulations, in particular, those related to efficiency, safety at work, quality, competitiveness and environmental sensitivity, remaining fully committed to the environment where carries out the business.

It is in our interest for the company to maintain the current growth parameters and to be sustainable over time, taking as reference other companies that are listed on the markets but which in turn are our competitors.

Through this medium, we hope to convey to our suppliers and customers a better knowledge of our company that results in improvements for all.